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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shinister, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Shinister

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    I'm suggesting to make the woe coins able to purchase a cheaper range of items, unless more castle is open. So far from what we see, the NPC sells for a trade of 30 to 50 coins, being said it's not much practical to have only (max at 2-3) castle a week. This means you have to wait another 10 - 15 weeks to complete the coins, which to me, is not practical.

    Here is my suggestion :

    1) Open more castles. There are so many guilds competing. Some are premades, some just formed as the server started. It's pretty discriminating to the new guilds tryhard to get. Now how many guilds are competing? Very, few. Later on this server is only for the most numbers.

    2) Lower down the coin redemption price. Like I said, its not practical to wait for the coins to be 30. You need a loot of woe for that. What about the guild who only won once? At least around 5-10 is a range that is acceptable.

    3) Give more woe coins per castle - if you can't lower down the price or open more castle. at least 3-4 coins and then this is much better option.

    I hope GM could understand this on the side of players, as not all players are PVP oriented, while some guild are just formed etc.
  2. ikhwan

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    yah open more castle for woe..it can pull other guild and friend of friend to come here to play..then it will have more and more player in TrinityRO..so competetive with the taugh guild..so more guild will make more guild to challenge

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