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    Server Rates:

    ▸ 1000x Base Experience
    ▸ 1000x Job Experience
    ▸ Normal Monster Drop Rate: 100x
    ▸ Mini Boss & MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x

    Basic Informatiion:

    ▸ PC and Android platform supported
    ▸ Modified PK/WoE Server
    ▸ Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
    ▸ Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes
    ▸ Max Levels: 99 (Base) and 70 (Job)
    ▸ Max Stats: 99
    ▸ Max Aspd: 190
    ▸ Instant Cast: 150 Dex
    ▸ Max char slots per account: 12
    ▸ Custom NPC: Healer, Town and Dungeon Warper, Job Changer, Stats and Skill Resetter, Dead Branch Summoning Room, Hair & Cloth Dye and many more !

    Custom Feature:

    ▸ MVP Room
    ▸ Custom Costume Quest
    ▸ Playtime Reward
    ▸ WoE Custom Reward From Chest
    ▸ PVP Top Player Weekly Reward
    ▸ PVP Mode On MVP Map

    Game and Host:

    ▸ Multi-clients: Enabled
    ▸ Adelay system (Anti-speedhack/nodelay)
    ▸ Gepard shield protected
    ▸ DDoS Protection and Mitigation
    ▸ Internet/ Network speed: 1 GB/sec
    ▸ Bandwidth traffic: Unlimited
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