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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Professor Papa, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Professor Papa

    Professor Papa New Member

    my suggestion are make #Main , #Market , #Recruit, #Map as shown as below

    player can simply adjust to disable or enable to display the channel message by using command
    #Main to check currently status and by using #Main on / #Main off to enable and disabled
    Please Reference Below

    About the problem of the abuse.. u can't give up the opportunity for others to use these features because of abuse.

    if u want to avoid player abuse each other or similar case happen then think some solution about it and figure out what's the point of they're fighting.. bring ur solution and discuss with your admin, staff , tech team and pls tell them not just decline these function directly.. Even tho u didn't gives us this function, are u sure they wont abuse? they can still spamming and abuse on the default right?

    I believe the TrinityRO staff was trying to makes it better and not just maintain right?

    In my Opinion, these are my method
    1)The same sentence cant me repeat more than 3 times,
    if more than 3 times display Red Error to inform player dont repeat ex:"Sentence can't be same more than 3 times"
    if he hit the red error 5 time then silence 5min, the second time 10min and so on

    2)Create 2s~3s Delay for player chat,
    display Red Error inform player to wait,
    ex:"Please wait for 3 seconds after your last message"
    if hit the previous error x time then silence 5min, the second time 10min and so on
    (severe: ID Locked for few hour just incase player switch character to spam)

    Solving Method for method just now
    (severe: ID Locked for few hour just incase player switch character to spam) or any u can think
    (severe: silence character must be stay in game to let the time runs, if player log out the silence time would stop and count again when he login the character again) or any u can think

    These are my suggestions, please meet to discuss and make the best conclusions. Let's make TrinityRO better and create memories together!

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  2. J o e S t a r

    J o e S t a r New Member

    Great! hope gm do :)
  3. Professor Papa

    Professor Papa New Member

    ya, hope gm willing to take this plan! or any better idea than this
  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Anyway this system is kinda conventional and use by many server..and FYI we already know this system but proven still can be abuse by trash-talker and what is even worst than Trashtalker? yes RACIST TRASHTALKER...and in this matter GM will be stuck in the middle if we ban player A for starting trashtalk then player A will said oo GM on player B side player B is GM the best way is to avoid no drama at all..
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  5. Eizen

    Eizen New Member

    Hi, I'm new and I have to agree, that the PvP-Spam-Messages have made the chat useless.
    Who cares about racist when you aren't using the chat anymore, because noone does, as everyone is already very annoyed by it.
    I got the feeling most people are talking in Teamspeak and other chatserver and don't use the ingame chat, which seperates them from the rest of the server, preventing community feeling.

    Please do something with the PvP-Spam. And Broadcasting-Spam, which people don't read anyway as its drowning in PvP-Spam.
  6. violet00

    violet00 New Member

    There's no need to ban if they abuse in social chats. Just mute them for a designated amount of time depending on how abusive and offensive they are. Please implement this suggestion, community is very important in a server ._.
  7. Wong Mei Ting

    Wong Mei Ting New Member

    halo~ can i turn off pvp message ma~?

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