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    In 2020, more and more colored hair is popular like 613 hair, 27 hair and 99J. So today I will introduce some colored hair to you.

    1)613 Blonde Wigs

    A 613 blonde wig is classical and lasting for many people. As it is a shinning and bright color, wearing it can make you become a real barbie girl or a little princess. If you want to become the focus of people, this color of wigs can help you.

    2)99J Burgundy Wigs

    The color of 99J hair looks like red wine, a mix of red and purple. It is a magical color that can match all skin tones of our customers, also could help set off the mature and elegant temperament of women. A 99J burgundy wig is beautiful but low-key and suitable for people who don’t want to be eye-catching.


    3)Highlight Wigs

    The Highlight wig is a mix-color wig, one color mix with the other lighter color, you can see the different layers of colors on it like water wave wig with highlights. As there are two different colors in one wig, it will be more attractive than other pure colored wigs. And you also will be one of the unique beauties in the crowd.

    4)Brown Wigs

    If 613 Hair is too bright and natural black is too boring for you, then maybe a #8 brown wig can be a great choice. As the below picture shows, the color is soft and gently, can reflect female grace and tenderness. Fashion girls, how you will miss this amazing colored wig?

    Yolissa Hair will provide all you want. Come to have a look now!

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