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    I don't want this to be a conversation thread, only as a notification.For those who are oblivious RuneScape gold, in 2010 throughout a video created by a Mod Sam J regarding the sound of Jagex, a map was glimpsed for a few seconds. This was classified as a leak on the unofficial wiki but nobody understood what it meant. I left a thread asking people, also had noticed that there was a section on an article of this wiki speaking about areas that were unidentified, relating to a continent north of morytania which wasn't Fossil Island. Some had educated me that it may be related to the map escape and this renewed my interest in it enough to take the mods on Twitter it. A couple of the mods could not recognize it, however after a few weeks, Mod Stu realized it as a map from among those generations of Stellar Morning, an upcoming game that has been in development for a very long time.I wanted to spread the word to people curious after all these years, if possible take off it the epic wiki, we know what it is now.I hope this has brought close to many of you.

    In a recent Q&A session, a question was given to the mods. The answer was to let the players attempt to produce their very own. He stole it, discovered it, and fled to Zeah with it , afterwards producing the catacombs that weave their way under Kourend's town. I made the assumption that the artifact in question was the crystal Skotizo's back that bears a strong resemblance. Given the nature of the catacombs and its inhabitants, I hypothesized that the artifact had two properties: it emanates amounts of energy that was dark and it manipulates life.

    From what I recall from RS3, Zaros conveys the aspect of darkness and furthermore has attempted to control various life-forms in the past; so I moved into the wiki in hopes of discovering some sort of connection.To my fortune I really found a good lead. Zaros had generated each Magick, four power stones. And from four races he created the Nihil together. According to this I suppose that the artifact is a Dark Power Stone, a precursor and prototype to the four electricity stones which came later. It was likely horribly warping those it had been utilized on emotionally and emotionally, a collapse. So Zaros chose to hide it away from the southern jungles of Karamja, guarded in a temple to cheap OSRS gold keep away. Zamorak likely learned of its existence whilst serving as Zaros' overall. After taking his place as a god and banishing him, Zamorak attempted to find the artifact to further boost his powers that were frightening. However, after Skotizo took it for himself, he left the continent to avoid Zamorak's wrath.

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