How to install the weft with the closure

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    Closure gives the sew in a complete finish. So, the tracks and wefts won't be visible. To install it, remember to align it with the parting on the head. But even before you start, leave about ¼ of the closure on the front of the hairline.


    Go on to put the first stitch through the closure then go on to stitch it on the braided cornrow. Also, pull it through the closure again and then loop it. Finally, bring it to the edge of the closure.

    Now go on with the process and secure the opposite side of the closure. Remember, as you are stitching the hair, you will want to protect the edges so you shouldn't pull the hair too tight. Moreover, stitch the hair through the perimeter of the braid and be gentle.

    Also, you shouldn't have significant gaps when making the stitches. Then stitch the sides of the closure then go on to stitch the back.

    Once you finish, you can part the hair as you wish to. Style the hair as you want to make it fit in with the sew in to give it a complete finish. If you want to make a full head wigs, you can choose Indian Body Wave 3 Bundles With Lace Closure.

    Caring for Your Sew In

    The only way to have the hair last long is to care for it. Note that, the way you care for the sew in isn't the same as the way you care for your natural hair.

    Washing the hair

    You will need to wash your hair at least once in two weeks, but you must be careful when washing the hair. You shouldn't loosen the tracks of the hair in the process of cleaning the hair. So, use the toxin-free shampoo and conditioner.

    You can use the applicator bottle to make sure the shampoo goes to your scalp too. Then wet the hair and put a palm-size shampoo on the weave as you help it lather. Apply the shampoo from the roots to the bottom or ends.

    You should rinse the hair thoroughly to ensure you don't make build-ups.

    To dry the hair: its best to air dry the hair, but if you can't wait, then use the blow dry at the lowest settings.

    Which products do you use?

    Although you may want to use all the different products in the market, it's not a good idea. First off, avoid products that contain alcohol. You can use mousse, gel, and hairspray. Also, avoid products that make your hair unnaturally shiny.

    When going to bed

    Before you go to bed, you can brush the hair to make sure it has no tangles and knots. To finish off then, make a loose ponytail as that will prevent tangling. Cover your hair with a head wrap that's made using satin. Also, only sleep on the satin and silk pillowcase.

    This will retain the hair moisture, thus keeping it from drying. When you have curly hair, you will need even more moisture retention.

    For the swimmers

    If you can wear your swim cap, the better because the chlorine pool water is often too drying. It will further cause fading.

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