Requesting the implementing of several useful @ commands.

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    • @nopickup/@noloot: Prevents a player from looting items on the ground.
      (useful in instances such as Endless tower)

    • @duel: Enter a duel. This command is also usable in towns.
    • @invite <playername>: Invite another player to duel with you. There can only be two players in an instance of duel.
    • @accept: Accept the duel invitation.
    • @reject: Reject the duel invitation.
    • @leave: Leave the duel.
      (town pvp invite. useful for testing out damage or 1v1 pvp)

    • @listenpvp: Toggle PVP announcements on and off.
      (might be a permanent solution for chat box flooded message)

    • Implement npc for on/off chat channel can be good too. image from NovaRO.

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