Trinityro 7v7 event!

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    TrinityRO 7v7 Tournament Rules


    Event Tentative:

    Time: 10:30PM GMT+8
    Date: 27/10/2018 (Saturday)

    Registration Rules:
    a) The tournament will be a 7 vs 7 team match
    b) Create short party name with 4 alphabet example "TIRO"
    Register your team to GM before this Sunday(21/10/2018) 23.59
    Example Registration Format.
    Party Name: TIRO
    1) (Party Leader name+Job)
    2) (Party member name + Job)

    c) PM GM Azim Bin Abdul Manaf to register your team, this event only limited to 20 team, first come first serve
    d) No job repeatation!

    Ban Misc:
    a) Smokie, Evil druid or Marc Card no effect on map.
    b) MVP/Mini Boss card is disable
    c) Alchemist/Creator Homun.
    d) disable skill Cloaking, Chase Walk
    e) disable usable item Speed Potion

    Match Rules:
    a) Maximum 5 minute per round, best of one
    b) If the match still continue after 5 minute
    tie breaks will be determined by the number of surviving members.
    c) Sudden death mode will be activated if number of surviving members is equal, mean the next person that die will be consider lose the match.
    d) The start of a match will be signaled by marshaling Game Masters .
    e)Players may start casting buffs during the count down. Player may attack the opponent when the GO single is given by the GM
    f) Offending the rules will be given a warning; then on the second offense, penalty will be disqualification from the tournament.
    g)The map will be on WoE mode (so basicly all skill that disable in WoE will be disable as well).

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