Yggdrasil berries/mvp cards during woe/warper

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Disable yggdrasil berry/seeds during woe? sound off man....

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  1. chingo

    chingo New Member

    -So ive been playing this server for a few weeks and loved this server untill i got hit with the dumbest bull****. The levels are 99/70 and under no circumstance should ygg berries work in woe or else what is the point of slim pots?priests? potions? Doesn't even have any draw backs either like a chance of coma. Its over powered and im suggesting that it needs to be disabled during woe or atleast have some sort of draw back. No amount of extra slots in equipment will balance out the overpowering of ygg berries and even seeds. Im seeing classes that shouldn't be tanking the way they should be and it completely changes the game. And then champs just spamming asura without a care in the world. WTF is this?

    -Im now hearing that mvp cards don't work in woe. W.T.F? Whats the point of mvping/mvp cards?

    -We also got some warps that are disabled like geffenia?bio labs?Forcing us to walk/complete the quest just for access is not a challenge but an inconvenience. I can understand not being able to warp to other floors like bio labs 2/3,the floor vesper is on but atleast give us the 1st floor.

    Not even going to bother with not being able to see everything on screen no matter how far you zoom out.
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  2. chingo

    chingo New Member

    This server gets worse not only can you not warp to alot of places but you cant memo them either.......trash server. If you want to mvp you have to ygg spam

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